So a little update:

What started as a craft pecan snack food business has slowly changed into an edible company. Now My Mum's Nuts are primarily making Jar-a Canna Coconut Concoctions. Medicated with cannabis under prop 215. These concoctions are bioavailable and emulsified with sunflower lecithin perfect for medicating your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, oatmeal, in recipes or topically. Lab tested and small batches. 

Upon creating my medicated magical rub I've found myself making only this. Now I'm helping and healing with the magic of Mary Jane. Naturally and consciously.

There's many edible companies out there but what sets my mum's nuts from the rest is that I start with flower and sugar trim. I know the growers and source the best trim around.  Not from concentrate.  It's a natural infusion process.  

So now that's all I'm making and offering. Two scents of medicated magical rub. I have a whole book of great testimonies so far and it's helping an array of ailments. Get yours today!